Welcome to Cloudgene!

Cloudgene is an open source platform to improve the usability of MapReduce programs in Bioinformatics. It provides a graphical web interface for launching a MapReduce cluster on Amazon EC2 (called Cloudge Public Mode) and an interface for the execution, the import/export of data and the reproducibility of MapReduce workflows (Cloudgene Private Mode). New MapReduce programs can be integrated without altering the source code using its integrated plugin interface.

Getting started

Click here to download and run Cloudgene.

If you interested in detailed information, checkout the documentation, screencasts and the slides from BOSC12. Cloudgene's source code can be accessed on github.

Cloudgene Demo

Both modes of Cloudgene are available for testing.

Cloudgene - Set up a cluster ("Public mode")

This mode allows you to launch a cluster on EC2. Please contact us to access the Cloudgene public mode.

Start Public Cluster Mode

Cloudgene MapReduce Interface ("Private Mode")

This mode allows to execute MapReduce programs graphically. Since it's a demo account, do not upload sensitive data. Uploaded data is removed every month.
Username cloudgene and password mapreduce gives you access.

Integrated applications

Cloudgene lives from its applications. Therefore, we already integrated available MapReduce programs like HadoopBam, Seal, Crossbow, Cloudburst, Myrna and Hadoop examples like WordCount and in-house developments like Fastq Preprocessing into Cloudgene. If you're interested to integrate your program, please let us know.


Introducing a HDFS browser. Updated use cases and user interface.

Updated the documentation. Merged our subprojects, Cloudgene can now be started in public and private mode.

Cloudgene published in BMC Bioinformatics

Presenting Cloudgene at BOSC 2012

Cloudgene 0.2.0 is available for download. Please have a look on the updated documentation and feel free to contact us.

A video is worth a thousand words. Please watch our videos to get a first impression.

Cloudgene is online!

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